The last week has seen us single-handedly cover almost all the street food bases, and at any rate do justice to my personal top three: The market (Warwick Uni, Brindley Place), the collective (Digbeth Dining Club) and the festival (Vale Fest). We were able to road test the asparagus 烤面包 on the public for the first time in retail form, and discovered that when you put long cylindrical objects into two slices of bread and try and manipulate it in mid air, they roll back out again.

More work is possibly needed here. Considering that this was our first new 烤面包 since the Manwich it had quite a lot to live up to, especially as we were trying a premium vegetarian 烤面包 for the first time. Overall the response was good, but uptake was not as strong as we had hoped. I think probably because students are not terribly fussy, as long as it’s cheap.


周六,我们在伯明翰的Vale Fest交易。一个学生组织的活动以庆祝考试结束的方式,与学生庆祝一切的方式相同:喝啤酒,细小热裤和跳舞。我们是仅有的两个可容纳5000名学生的食堂之一,赔率非常高,但是尽管如此,我们还是花了前7个小时观察汉堡的排队情况。 3.50英镑的价格是完全一样的,但是对于您来说,钱要么是一件精心制作的基于奶酪的艺术品,要么是一团li软,冷硬的面包,里面装满了悲伤的洋葱,一片牛皮纸和其中最令人鼓舞的一块我曾经吃过的假汉堡。

一个没吃的半吃汉堡我知道我’m spoilt when it comes to 汉堡包s. We live at street food markets and happen to share many events with the finest 汉堡包s money can buy, courtesy of either the Original Patty Men or the Meat Shack. Against their 汉堡包s I can just about see why people would forsake the noble 烤面包 very, very occasionally. But this was a pathetic, overcooked-yet-still-cold mass-produced waste of mechanically reclaimed cow.

The Wocky with no queue vs the 汉堡包s with lots of queue.
在我看来,解决方案是双重的。第一:我们提高比赛水平。自然这就是我们要做的’re always going for, what with us being so very corporate and only an agenda away from strategic blue sky thinking outside the box. I whatever remains of our time after all that we continue to make new, humdinging 烤面包s.

第二:我们悄悄渗透到英国人的心中,并取代“burger” with “toastie”. It’是更长的游戏,但我不知道’t see why it shouldn’t work. Why exactly do you fancy a 汉堡包? Think about it. The only explanation I can come up with is because I just kind of fancy one. This is largely due to the persistent hard work of several global fast food brands, and probably can’不能被一辆旧的绿色货车撤消。但是另一方面’尝试没有害处。您’接下来,金拱门。



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